Five day workshop in Tokyo, Japan with Meg Hewitt


Five day workshop in Tokyo, Japan with Meg Hewitt

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SPRING 2020 is now open for applications

Price is in Australian Dollars accommodation inclusive option is around $1590 USD or 1388 Euro

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About the Workshop

Explore the less trodden layers of Tokyo and Japanese culture whilst developing a short photographic sequence/ series

This workshop is suited to photographers with an understanding of the basics. During the week we will help you to further develop your own style and explore ways of working towards a sequence/ series which will culminate in a projection on the last evening.

Meg Hewitt has travelled to Tokyo many times to create her body of work, ‘Tokyo Is Yours’ and will introduce you to many places outside of the usual route. Over five days you will further develop your own style and learn more about Meg’s techniques whilst developing a new series of work.

“I really encourage participants to make a series of images that work together and I push people to work hard. Everyday I focus on each participant’s individual needs. I want people to go beyond just good street snaps and people in markets kind of stuff. Sure, a good photo is partly about composition, but it needs to make me want to look again, I need to question it, engage with it, it should tell me a story.”

“I ask you what you want to see in Tokyo and offer advice on how to get to the essence of it. Tokyo is large, multilayered and with the language barrier it can be hard to penetrate quickly. Given that I have been there so many times I can help you get there. The night before the workshop we do a group review of everybody's portfolio. We also do a night out where I show you some of the quirkier sides of Japanese life and introduce you to the haunts of the Japanese photographic community. I can also spend time on the street alongside participants one-on-one if they have challenges they want to address. My favourite thing is witnessing how much people can grow in a week.”

November is a great time in Tokyo with the Autumn colours and mild weather after the heat of summer.

The venue for the workshop will be near Tokyo Skytree and an accomodation inclusive option is available for six participants. This includes six nights Japanese style accommodation. There are two bathrooms with bath and shower. The accommodation is contemporary and clean and there is free wifi and tea and coffee making facilities. There are an additional two spots available as workshop only and there is alternative accomodation nearby.

Cost of the workshop does not include travel or on the ground daily expenses. It is also advisable to purchase travel insurance for unexpected events.

My assistant for the week is Australian photographer Marco Bok who also has over twenty years experience as an educator.

To request further information please email

Venue and accomodation for the workshop

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Some feedback from previous workshop participants

  • Had an awesome time in Tokyo and really enjoyed the workshop. Great to be pushed to do things a bit out of the comfort zone (ie approaching people directly) and take on new challenges in a new location.

  • Really got a lot of inspiration and encouragement from you, Marco and all the participants - which was very motivating. It’s great to learn from people whose work I admire, as I find this always helps me get closer to where I want to be with my work.

  • Beyond style, beyond technique, beyond craft: Meg Hewitt’s workshop – in fact, her work – is about VOICE. If you’re seeking your own visual voice, join one of her workshops…as I did!!! Japan was the perfect venue!!!